This time of year tends to be more full of weddings here in Scotland. Performing magic at these special days is always rewarding, and for several reasons. First, everyone is there for a good time – it’s very rare that you come across any real animosity at a wedding, and if the guests are happy it makes the job of the wedding magician that much easier.

Secondly, I get to see some of the more spectacular venues in Scotland. Earleir this year I was performing magic at the wedding of Nick and Amanda at Dalhousie Castle which is a stunning building just south of Edinburgh (which made the commute that much more relaxing!). The whole venue is a self contained wonder, and the staff were efficient in a way you normally associate with romantic comedy films.

My main reason for wanting to go back is that they also run falconary sessions. Nuff said…

The Edinburgh magician. Dreaming of flying hawks in Scotland.