Hello all,

Well, after being locked out of the blog for a while, it’s time to let you know about the comings and goings of the next month, it being Fringe time and all.

This year, again, I’ll be performing on the High Street as one of the Alcove buskers outside St Giles’┬áCathedral. I’ve been working in a new show this week, so it will be good to be doing something different (and not having to drag my table up on the bus every day!). Pop along to see a Scottish magician in the Fringe!

Added to this, I’m performing only two indoor shows at the Zoo (the same venue I’ve been at for the last five years or so). Called Obsession – a life in magic it’s pure sleight of hand conjuring while I explain how an obsessive kid can get, well, obsessed by something like magic. You can buy tickets here.

There are loads of other good magic shows on the Fringe this year, and I’ll be mentioning some of these in the coming days.

See you soon,

The Edinburgh Magician in Scotland