Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? The site has been redesigned on a spiffy new WordPress theme, which means that I can talk about being a magician in Edinburgh with a tad more control over the pages. It wasn’t a particularly pleasant experience, trying to get my head around the sparsely documented software, especially when – even when following the example code to the letter – things didn’t work out right. Never mind, it’s up now and I hope you like it.

This section, the Musings, is the ‘blog’ area of old; there are the posts from the ‘Musings of an Edinburgh Magician’ which were still on the database. My aim, however, is to post more often with stories of being a magician in Edinburgh and what that all entails. Plus some other silly stuff.

Anyway, enough for now. See you soon.

Ian, the magician in Edinburgh 🙂