A couple of weeks ago I went down to Manchester for the wedding blessing of my insanely cool cousin Doctor Doctor David and Doctor Zaenab. Their one request of me was that I go down on a busman’s holiday and perform some close up magic for the guests; they had heard about what I do – performing close up magic at weddings in Edinburgh and Scotland – but had never seen me. It was a perfect opportunity to catch up with the Southern family and I had a great time performing close up magic for everyone there.

Zaenab is from Syria, so after the magic performance there was quite a lot of dancing, where I learned that Arabic dance music is really quite catchy, and if you are a man, Arabic dancing is not exactly challenging!

It was a quick down and up over a weekend – I think I spent more time on the train than actually in Manchester (although I did see the massive red brick building, which has an empty swimming pool on the top floor. Apparently, when they were planning the structural forces on the walls, they missed out the several hundred tonnes of water that would have been in the pool, so it’s never been filled!)

More stories tomorrow about being a wedding magician in Edinburgh 🙂